Co-Curricular – maximum opportunities for everyone

At Hatherop, our co-curricular provision aims to provide a personalised and extensive programme that offers maximum opportunities for all children to explore their interests and passions and create their own unique story.

Co-curricular opportunities are invaluable in shaping an individual’s character. Throughout the academic year, the children at Hatherop have been given a plethora of fantastic opportunities, such as appearing on podcasts, performing on stage, embarking on the Welsh Three Peaks challenge, or being part of a rock band. At Hatherop, we firmly believe in individuality and recognise the significance of fostering curiosity and passion.

Recently, our after-school activities programme has been revamped, with an increased number of activities available every night of the week. The children have the chance to explore different areas; including musical theatre, STEM, debating, or simply embracing the adventure of childhood by participating in additional woodland and den building activities. In addition, street dance and mountain biking activities will become available in the coming months, and are sure to be popular with the children. Moreover, our lunchtime offering has become more substantial, with opportunities for Lego, basketball, mindfulness, drama, hockey, football, art, and video making.

Every Tuesday afternoon, we have our dedicated enrichment afternoon. Our hobbies programme provides the children with an opportunity to complement their academic studies in areas such as stage make-up, gardening, golf, sewing, podcast making, and cooking, to name a few. This programme is continually evolving, with many exciting plans for September as we prepare to launch our HCS programme, our very own bespoke programme that will provide a significant offering, including our own Duke of Edinburgh, all supporting our school values of ambition and character.

It is an incredibly exciting time to be at Hatherop! We pride ourselves on seeking pupil feedback to shape and develop our enrichment opportunities at the school. We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to explore their passions, and our priority is to ensure that it happens.