Chinese students visit Hatherop Castle

Hatherop Castle School recently hosted 6 children from Shanghai, China. These children had never visited the UK and were delighted to be experiencing life a Hatherop.

In just two weeks they had interesting and valuable experience integrating into school routine with impressive confidence. This enabled them to have a taste of English school life, even though they needed help with their English. Making posters “All about me” was a success, allowing other children and staff to understand their interests and life in China. In addition the children created a “Student Life” magazine in which they described current events and personal interests. This focused their attention and was a conversation point throughout their stay. Their English improved considerably and they were able to communicate well with Hatherop Castle School children. Click here to read the newspaper Newspaper – PDF

In one of the EAL activities, Chinese children enjoyed exploring different parts of Hatherop Castle, giving directions and drawing routes. Unfortunately, you would need to know the school very well in order to follow them!

The “Student Life” magazine is available on the school website and is a good insight of Chinese culture and students’ interests. We are thrilled that they had a super time at Hatherop and we look forward to hearing about their further education in China.