Busy times

It has been a very busy period at school with exam week and then Theme week and now we have had our I.S.I inspection announced. The inspection begins next Tuesday and lasts until next Friday 8th – 11th March. I have sent details of the parent questionnaire for you to complete and I hope as many of you as possible will do so. We are the third Wishford school to be inspected this term.

Theme week was excellent and culminated in a superb Open Morning last Saturday. It was good to see so many prospective and current parents and all those who attended could not fail to be impressed and moved by the words that the children wrote and sang as a tribute to our Queen using the tune of All Things Bright and Beautiful”. I hope that it is going to be recorded and put on the website for all of you to listen to and enjoy. Huge thanks to all those parents who very kindly provided tours for the visitors and to our senior pupils who accompanied the tours and provided valuable information for parents who wanted to know about our school.

The Middle School Production is coming along well and the children have learnt their lines and are getting the idea of listening for their cues. I do hope we will be able to produce the show, but rehearsal will be limited during inspection week because inspectors would, I am sure, much rather see the children in the classrooms. I know you will all understand but feel sure the children will, as always, rise to the challenge. The Prep 3L class assembly will continue as planned next week, but parents please be aware that it is very cosy in the Dr Moorhead room with the scenery set up for the play! Also the planned visits for Prep 2, 7 & 8 will continue as stated on the school calendar. We shall all look forward to the play and the end of term and I look forward to seeing you at the events between now and the 18th March. Please remember the Easter Fete on the last morning of term and get your competition entries ready