Bring learning to life in Prep 4

This week, Prep 4 have been using many different skills in their Maths and English lessons. To start the new topic of length we all went to the astro and as a year group ran a kilometre. We knew we needed to run 1000 metres, so using our division skills we worked out this was 37.03 metres each. We measured this out and set off on our relay, finding out it took us 3minutes 28 seconds! We think we might try this activity again at the end of our topic and see if we can beat our time!

In English, we have been looking at instruction writing – we worked in pairs to write instructions to make a jam sandwich. We then shared our instructions with our friends and they had to follow them carefully – how accurate were we? We learnt how important it was to include lots of detail – how many pieces of bread did we need? How did we put the 2 pieces of bread together? Jam side in or out? There was some great and constructive peer feedback and even better we go to eat our sandwiches at the end!

A great week, lots of team work, lots of collaborative work , lots of learning and lots of fun!