Are you brave enough to take the hot seat?

Immersing yourself in a good book, is what it is all about in Prep Four at the moment.

Whilst reading the classic, “Stig of the Dump” the children have been involved in hot-seating, empathising with the main character, and thinking about how he would speak and react to questions he was asked.

Another of our favourite activities is to read with a partner, sharing what we have read and discussing thoughts and ideas as we go along. Finding a comfy corner to sit and relax and become absorbed in a book is what English is all about.  

English and literature are an integral part of the curriculum at Hatherop Castle School.  In this digital age, it is vital that we foster and encourage a love of reading, something that will remain with our children throughout their lives.  The use of class text does this.  It encourages creativity, discussions, inquisitiveness and fosters an understanding of characters, vocabulary and story lines.

We will complete our study by bringing their learning to life with a journey into the woods within the school grounds.  The children will be encouraged to work in groups, building dens that Stig could have lived in, imagining the life he would have led.

The Adventure Of Childhood at its best!