Another record breaking Sports Day at Hatherop

As the children move through the school, they get the opportunity to choose and specialise in their athletics training. Out of the 11 new school records, 6 of them were in the field disciplines.

Edith threw 17m. 23cm in the U9G cricket ball throw, Lily threw 23m.73cm also in the cricket ball, Harry, beat his existing shot-put record (only set recently whilst competing for Hatherop at a regional qualifying event) with a distance of 7m. 64cm. In the U13s girls cricket ball throw, Clemmie threw 29m. 95cm, Esme in the U13 girls had a shot-put distance of 8m.51cm and Cal, broke a very old shot-put record dating back 10 years, with a distance of 8m.58cm in the U13 Boys event. Will it last another 10 years?

In total, we had 11 new school records broken, the highest number achieved for Sports Day, but for the very first time for many years, Moorhead did not qualify for the final tug of war pull-off. Each of the records on the track were in the relays. The U8 Mixed 4 x 50m was won by the team in Bazley of Sofia, Seb and Miles. The U9 Mixed 4 x 50m was won by Moorhead, which included Bertie , Georgia, Hamish and Nina and finally, the U10 Mixed 4 x 100m was also won by Moorhead, which included Maxi, Sophie, Albie and Lily. Amazingly, some of the track times, especially 100-200m are well over 15 years old. It goes to show how fast and competitive prep school athletics can be.

The atmosphere throughout the whole day was just wonderful, especially witnessing the children’s faces and their sheer delight in sharing in the pleasure of watching their peers run and winning. The support and encouragement that each of the children showed towards each other was also evident throughout the day, something that Hatherop does extremely well.