Another benefit of boarding, support with prep.

An important aspect of the home from home setting for all our boarders is the focus on supporting our boarders to meet their academic needs. This is done through daily support with their Prep and general studies.

Every night, there is an optional prep session for the seniors, run by one of the senior teachers in the school. This allows us to help support and extend children’s learning with their studies. We closely supervise and engage with their prep and this is all done within a quiet working atmosphere.

In the weeks building up to mock and summer exams, we put on additional study sessions. These sessions are run by our Heads of Departments who will help to consolidate learning, correct any misunderstandings and focus the children during those critical last few days. We also recognise that the Year 7 and 8s might want additional time to revise or have independent study at this time. Giving your child the opportunity to board allows parents to have the quality time at home, without the struggles of academic support.