An interview with our head girl

As we bid a fond farewell to another fantastic year we have taken some time to chat with our current head girl about her time at Hatherop Castle School.

Why did you want to become head girl?

I have been at Hatherop for 12 years and so I felt I could be a great ambassador for the school.

What does your role involve?

To be a good ambassador to all the children in the younger years.

Why did you decide to stay on at Hatherop until Prep 8?

I was so settled here so did not want to leave. I have so many friends here and wanted to stay with them and also I have so many memories.

Your personal strengths?

My friends say my strengths are in sport, art and drama.

What do you think are the strengths of the school?

I would say it is strong in drama but more importantly how friendly it is.

Your Hatherop highlights?

I have two:

In Reception, space day, arctic day, jungle day and desert day. My other favourite memory is doing gymnastics in the tent at Cumulus with the girls.

Plans and ambitions for the future?

To enjoy my time at Wycliffe and then to go on and get a great job!

As head girl, what message would you like to leave to Hatherop Castle School?

Take every opportunity that Hatherop gives you, it may not come around again.

Life really has been one big adventure for our head girl here at Hatherop. We would like to wish her and all the other Prep 8s all the best for the future!