An interview with our head boy

As we bid a fond farewell to another fantastic year we have taken some time to chat with our current head boy about his time at Hatherop Castle School.

Why did you want to become head boy?

I always wanted to be head boy at whichever school I attended. I knew this role would have a lot of responsibility and I wanted this as a challenge for myself.

What does your role involve?

This role has given me many responsibilities and has let me be a role model to other children in the school. You have to do a range of jobs that pop up and be a good representative of the school.

Why did you decide to stay on at Hatherop until Prep 8?

I always wanted to stay on until Prep 8 because my friends were all here at the school. I always liked the idea of being top of the school and staying until Prep 8 allowed me to do this.

Your Personal strengths?

I personally think I am a very good all rounder. I am a very keen fencer and I am in the under 13 England squad. I am also strong when it comes to academics.

What do you think are the strengths of the school?

Hatherop is an excellent all-rounded school with amazing sporting facilities and academic teaching. Its strengths are also in its numerous extra-curricular opportunities.

Your Hatherop highlights?

My highlight at Hatherop has been making amazing friends. I have also particularly enjoyed climbing Snowdon, the pantomime and the cumulus trip.

Plans and ambitions for the future?

I don’t exactly know what I would like to be in the future but possibly an architect. A personal goal of mine would be to get in to the Great Britain fencing squad.

As head boy, what message would you like to leave to Hatherop Castle School?

Try your best in everything you do and embrace every opportunity that comes your way. Lastly, make the most of your limited time here.

Life really has been one big adventure for our head boy here at Hatherop. We would like to wish him and all the other Prep 8s all the best for the future!