An Acrobatic Filled Weekend In The Boarding House

The City of Dreaming Spires

An exciting adventure was pitched to the boarders for the weekend and they weren’t disappointed. The weather did nothing to dampen their spirits, and inside Giffords big top, we were warm and cosy and spectacularly entertained too! Acrobats, pocket ponies, dancing daschunds and of course Tweedy, the clown. We even joined them in the ring for a song and dance! From there we took refuge from the rain in the waffle shop and had some delicious milkshakes and treats! Then it was back to school to relax, warm up and get ready for supper.


After a scrumptious Sunday breakfast in pj’s, the boarders went to the ‘City of Dreaming Spires’ otherwise known as Oxford. The day was full of fun, food and shopping rather than academia, but when they have worked so hard with their lessons during the week that’s ok! The day finished up with a full roast dinner and a movie, and preparations for the week ahead. #boardershavemorefun #whatdidyoudothisweekend?