All aboard!


Most days of the week the Nursery children look lovingly and longingly at Dave’s tractor and trailer as they pass it in the morning or spot it in the distance on their way to Gym or when out for a walk. This week, though, imagine the joy when they were allowed to climb aboard and have a ride in the trailer at the start of our exciting week exploring the countryside.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their bumpy ride around the grounds and through the woods, looking at the school from a different angle. Dave had very kindly lined the trailer with some fresh straw to cushion the ride which had the unexpected advantage of providing some children with material to lay a trail as we went along!

The theme of Countryside Detectives has inspired everyone to look closely at nature with a magnifying glass, dig around in the soil to see what they can find, do some cooking and find out where some of our food comes from and produce some varied and colourful art work.