A truly magical week of learning…

Last week, Prep 6 were detectives, solving magical mysteries. Westonbirt School took their highly successful annual Magical Literacy Day online this year, much to the delight of our students. They had a fabulous week solving the mystery of the shrinking students at Westonbirt School of Magic!

First, they had to decide where this terrible act took place, describe it in detail and then think about who the culprit was – from sinister looking wizards limping through the hallways to shifty looking witches, with black hair, clutching a glass jar. There was plenty of animated discussion over teams, and an amazing variety of language and vocabulary used to describe and create atmosphere. The final task of the week was to put all their deliberations into a report as to how, where and why the event happened and send it to Professor Dangerfield at the school.

This was a fun, enjoyable and also educational week for the children whose final pieces are of such a high standard, demonstrating an appreciation of the English language and an understanding and knowledge of how to create an imaginative piece. A big thank you must go the staff at Westonbirt who were involved, it was a truly successful week, and a great, fun and exciting opportunity for Prep 6 in these difficult times. The best way to learn!