A day in the life of Transition Class

A typical day for the children of Little Owls Nursery is always a new and exciting adventure.  On a daily basis, transition children experience a balanced routine of child-initiated play and structured activities designed to reinforce their learning.

Transition class spending some time in Pre-Prep and exploring their next classroom.

Activities are carefully designed to support their physical, personal, social, emotional and educational development.  Engaging and fun lessons are planned thoughtfully by the transition teachers with the individual needs and interests of the children in mind.

Making elderflower cordial with elderflowers gathered from the grounds.

Ensuring a flawless transition

“Do we get to do running races today?”

French, Sport and Music are taught each week by specialist teachers from the school. From tearing around the sports field with the Director of Sport to exploring musical instruments and singing in music lessons, the opportunities are endless! Whilst in transition, children will also meet their reception teacher and visit her in the classroom on a weekly basis.  This ensures a flawless transition between nursery and school.  

Building their confidence from an early age

Weekly Forest School sessions are taught within the beautiful grounds of the school.  Here, the children explore the woods, play music with nature and test their own abilities in a real-life context.  They are also involved in the Christmas production and perform their own assembly.  These experiences enable them to build their confidence from an early age and help develop their understanding of what life will be like at school.

“It is just so wonderful to see how confident he was to stand up on stage and perform, I would never have had the courage at that age!” Transition Parent.

Exploring the enchanting grounds of the school. The Adventure of Childhood!