A day ‘Down Under’ for Prep 3

Prep 3 were recently treated to an Australian ‘Wow Day’ packed with exciting, fun, creative and informative activities.

The children thoroughly enjoyed storytelling and drama activities. They had an opportunity not to just listen to ‘The Dreaming Stories’ but also to act them out using aboriginal props. They also listened to the noises of different Australian animals and creatures. The most fascinating sounds are made by kookaburras, the Australian kingfishers, they are famous for making a sound of a laugh. We all enjoyed having a good laugh pretending to be the fascinating birds.

Then the children learnt the techniques of the Aboriginal art – the oldest living culture in the world. Aboriginal art is based on story telling. The children learnt how they used the symbols instead of written language. Guess what stories our pictures tell you?

The highlight was the tasting session, where the children thoroughly enjoyed tasting a variety of Australian treats. The sweets were a strong favourite, what a surprise!