Prep 5 take to the sky at Brize Norton

Forces was the word of the day as the Prep 5s visited RAF Brize Norton and embarked on a day of force related activities. 

One of our fine Hatherop parents, organised the events which included a tour of an Airbus A400 Atlas and a competition to safely drop a delicate cargo from a height.

The tour of this 82 tonne aircraft included a chance to sit at the controls in the flight deck and learn about the forces involved in the lift on the wings. They learned about the huge G-forces involved in the cargo bay as well as the essential and thrilling work done when pushing fuel, vehicles, provisions, water, medical supplies and more out of the back of the moving aeroplane.

Having gained a better understanding of the challenges faced in delivering a range of cargo, the children then moved one of the many hangers. Here they were challenged to drop a precious cargo of eggs from considerable height and protect them from breaking.  All of the pupils set about the task with endeavour, showing great teamwork and a superb overall spirit.  With only one egg lost and an unforgettable experience, the day was a huge success.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the entire Brize Norton team for organising such a great day. We look forward to many more future events!