Science Week

Tuesday saw the Prep 6 pupils bring in an incredible array of projects to be displayed for all to see. It really was an incredibly impressive sight. There were investigations on hovercrafts, rockets UV light, chocolate, drinks, you name it, the children have covered it. The write ups were fantastic and completely beyond their years. The children were questioned and even if Magnus Magnusson was asking the questions, these scientists would have ben able to answer them with confidence and clarity.


On Thursday, we took a team of researchers from Prep 7 over to represent Hatherop Castle at Headington School for the Big Bang event. Over the course of the day, the pupils worked together on several completely different activities, including Chemistry Cluedo, Tesco labs and Noisy Toys!! Lots of fun was had by all and it was great to see our pupils equip themselves so well and behave in a way to make their school proud.

On Friday afternoon, we invited a team of engineers from DYSON in to work with our senior pupils for the afternoon. The workshop focussed on how James Dyson became so successful and then the children had to design and build their own product. Watch the Dyson website, new products to be launched very soon I’m sure.