Inspirational Christmas project

We have just launched a ‘6 week inspiration project’ to help inspire us to live with more compassion, kindness and empathy.

Mrs Featherstone, Romilly and Ellie presented an assembly on the 10 most popular inspirational people in the 21st century and 4 inspirational children. They all live in different parts of the world, and their contributions are very different, but they all share the same sense of responsibility and compassion. They aim to make other people’s lives better.

We have asked children to choose an inspirational person, who has shown all of the above qualities and continues to inspire. The children are going to put together a project and can choose any method of visual presentation to represent their work e.g. poster, power point, model, role-play etc. The deadline is the first week of 2018 and we shall present and display a selection of the works, throughout the school.