Expelliarmus to the weekend!

Boarding Review Michaelmas 2017

After a very busy first half of term we are back in the swing with our regular boarders now fully immersed in the daily and weekend programme. These children are often the envy of some of our day children as they are so privileged to experience the most amazing weekend activities and have fun in the evenings playing group games of sardines, hide and seek outside in the dark as well as building dens to sleep in.


Saturday – Boarders on Ice

This Saturday, the boarders visited Oxford Ice rink, the scene of much carnage during the Ice hockey season, but thankfully not on this occasion. Like the mythical Bambi, the boarders navigated their way tentatively across the ice, but unlike the Disney Deer, they quickly picked up the technique with a lot of help from Sara and Mrs Lish, both seasoned skaters. After an exciting few hours skating, we retired to the new John Lewis for some well-earned hot drinks, smoothies and a little retail therapy for Christmas.



Sunday – All aboard the Hogwarts Express!

This last weekend the boarders were transported not by the Hogwarts Express but in our school minibus to the Harry Potter studios. It was the first time to visit for many of us and it did not disappoint, as we got transported from muggle territory to a land of magic! We got to ride on broomsticks, climb aboard the Hogwarts Express and see the new Forbidden Forest including a very large Aragog! A highlight was tasting the famous Butterbeer and then using out spell knowledge during a battle with the Death Eaters on the Hogwarts Bridge. With a shout of “Expelliarmus”, Stupefy and Protego the Death Eaters were defeated and we all survived to see the end of the tour. A fantastic trip for everyone. Next term, we will be having another of our renowned Harry Potter evenings with a Quidditch match and other magical games.