Guy fever at Hatherop Castle!

During the children’s recent School House meetings on a Friday morning, the children have been busy making a house “Guy”! All three houses have done a brilliant job in making their guy and learnt some key teambuilding lessons! Scroll down to find out who the winner is!


During Bazely’s fortnightly meetings, we have been thinking about what it means to part of a house and even had a bit of a history lesson learning a little about Sir Thomas Bazley, whom our house is named after. They learnt that he lived at Hatherop Castle and enjoyed country pursuits, such as hunting and shooting and he did a lot to support the local community of Hatherop.

We have also made sure we all now have a shiny blue Bazley badge, which everyone is wearing with pride.

We recently turned our attention to the all-important Bazley Guy. All the children in Bazley have put a lot of thought into our Guy this year and everyone drew their very own design. Suggestions raged from a blue Bazley footballer to a tweeded huntsmen on horseback…we decided to keep it a bit simpler!!

Mrs Lish- Head of Bazley


Moorhead’s Guy this year was a whole house effort, every child involved in making this distinctive figure. Each house member decorated a strip of material with their name and these were then added to our purple figure! It was then down to Prep 7 and 8 Moorhead members to put all the elements of the guy together, from painting purple gloves, to adding a black wig and ensuring he was adequately stuffed with recycled paper! We are sure you will agree it was a great effort and we are all really proud of the final product – Moorhead teamwork at its best!

Mrs Davis – Head of Moorhead


As a house Fyfe had a lot of discussions about how we could make our guy and the final decision was to go down the route of a cowboy scarecrow. Throughout the week, Fyfe have been meeting in lunchtimes to make and assemble our guy. It has taken a lot of team work from everyone and it has been great to see the children so enthusiastic and bursting with ideas. Well done Fyfe!

Miss Scott – Head of Fyfe


And the winner is………. MOORHEAD!!!