In Prep 3 to 5, Maths is taught mainly by the form teacher, while in Prep 6 to 8 it is taught by a specialist Maths teacher. From Prep 3 to 6, Maths is taught using the new Rising Stars Mathematics scheme which follows the New National Curriculum. This comprehensive scheme follows the CPA (Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract) approach to mathematics. This involves a practical approach initially to new concepts with lots of opportunity for discussion and development of verbal explanations and reasoning skills, focusing on using the correct vocabulary and enabling development a deeper understanding.

The key areas of learning in Prep 3 to Prep 5 are Number, Measurement, Geometry and Statistics. In Prep 6 Alegbra and Ratio and Proportion are added.

All classrooms are fully equipped with Interactive whiteboards with some dedicated Maths Rooms sporting brand new touch screen whiteboards. This state of the art technology allows teachers to access the most up to date teaching resources and ICT functionalities, making Maths at Hatherop inspirational and innovative

The Maths Department at Hatherop is an ever evolving one; constantly looking for new ideas to inspire and enthuse children. It is an active department with a number of challenges and on going awards throughout the year that children enjoy being involved on. Not only so we have our in-house Numeracy badge system, where each week children have the opportunity to try for their next Numeracy badge and be awarded it in our celebration assembly.

We also take part in a number of out of school challenges. Selected children from Prep 4 to 6 take part in a number of Maths challenges throughout the year, as well as the annual National Primary Maths Challenge. The whole school takes part in our annual STEAM day or Maths Day which sees children taking part in a variety of Maths based activities all day and sometimes they don’t even realize they are doing Maths, they are having so much fun!