Stay and Play Sessions

The Little Owls Stay and Play Session is a lovely way to get to know the Nursery. It takes place in the Kindergarten classroom on Friday mornings during term times from 9-10.30am and is completely free of charge.

Children and their parents or carers can attend this session which is led by Mrs. Lucy Riley the Nursery co-ordinator. There is no age restriction and children from 6 months benefit from the experience, however most children attend for at least 2 terms before starting Nursery.

The aim of the group is to provide a stimulating, social  experience for young children who are not yet attending the Nursery, allowing them to become accustomed to the Nursery environment and key staff whilst still in the care of their parents or carers. We hope that when the children transfer into Nursery at the appropriate age they and their parents are therefore already familiar with the environment and staff and as a consequence the experience is less stressful for all concerned.

Activities provided for the children include painting, messy play, puzzles, threading, sorting, home corner play, play dough, outdoor play, sand, water and musical activities. For the younger child there are treasure baskets to explore and sensory experiences such as soft toys or shakers. A drink and biscuit is provided during the session and this is an opportunity for children to sit together at the table and enjoy the social experience. Parents attending the Stay and Play sessions find it an ideal opportunity to get to know one another and the routine of the Nursery prior to their child starting school.