Clubs and extra-curricular activities

Nursery-Prep 2 clubs

Ballet: These lessons are taught by a qualified instructor from Cirencester Dance Academy. The children learn the technical specifications from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing for Pre-Primary and Primary and will start to learn standards 1-4. They use their imagination and stories to help them remember set routines and exercises. Ballet is the base of all dance and encourages discipline, good posture and strength whilst enjoying the freedom of movement and dance.

Board Games: Do you enjoy playing board games? What’s your favourite? If you enjoy playing games, come along and have a go at different board games, puzzles and card games. If you have a favourite, why not bring it along with you to play? Test your skills against your friends. Find out who is the best board game player.

Decoupage: Decoupage is a fun way for children to explore their creativity. We will use a variety of everyday items such as flower pots, cardboard letters, pebbles etc, and simply cover the item in pretty, brightly coloured papers.

Hama Beads: Hama beads are the perfect way to create brilliant designs and decorations. Join us in Hama Bead club as we explore patterns and colours using the beads to make lots of lovely projects. by just placing the picture beads one by one on the pegboard following a chosen design, ironing and you can then peel away to reveal your creation. Finally towards Christmas we will move our focus to making Christmas tree decorations as well as Christmas cards using the Hama Beads.

Countryside Crafts: Come along and learn about some traditional country crafts. Learn about the wildlife and habitats on our countryside school site. Use local resources to create something exciting. Try your hand at willow weaving, animal tracking, hedgerow cookery and making corn and lavender dolls. See you there!

Prep 3-Prep 8 clubs

Fencing: Fencing is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. In the age of chivalry, duelling was favoured as a method of settling matters of honour, because of its grace & simplicity. These remain the most attractive aspects of the sport today. It’s very rewarding; developing all round fitness, flexibility of movement, stamina, mental agility, co-ordination, balance & self-confidence. Above all, it’s great fun learning to duel using swords!!

Gymnastics: If you would like to have fun and get really fit then come and join the gymnastics club. It doesn’t matter if you have never done gym before, come along and we can start with some basic moves. If you are a gymnast and you’re feeling confident, then we will be learning some acrobatic gymnastics which involve apparatus and partner/group work.

Boys’ & Girls’ Rugby Club: An introduction to the game of rugby, enhance knowledge, use of tactics, and skill level. Both boys’ & girls’ can play rugby and the aim of this club is to enhance your understanding of the game. Have you ever used video analysis? Would you like to learn more? This club is for all ages and abilities, for boys’ and girls’ in Prep 3-8

Cross Country: Cross Country running has many benefits. It is a demanding sport but you will gradually increase in speed and stamina as your training progresses. You will learn self-discipline as you push yourself to run further and try to beat your previous best times. The Cross Country Running Club is an ideal way to keep fit, while having fun training with your friends!

Lego Robotics: Come along to Lego Robotics Club to use the Lego Mindstorms kit and find out how to design, build and program your Lego robot. Some children in the club will be selected for the HCS Lego Robotics team which will compete in a the national Lego robotics competition.

Cooking Club: We will start off cooking some cakes and biscuits and then move on to some healthy savoury dishes to promote teaching the children the importance of a good balanced diet. Children will be encouraged to follow a recipe; prepare and cook the ingredients; wash and tidy up. They will be able to take their dish home with them at the end of the club or if they are a boarder to consume it later in the evening.

Arts Award: Arts Award is a national qualification which supports young people to develop as artists. The Bronze award is aimed at children from 11 years.

If you are ready to try new experiences in the arts and media, doing a bronze Arts Award is perfect for you.

Scottish dancing: This is a club with a difference. Would you like to amaze everyone and dance The Dashing White Sergeant on Burns night? We will be learning all the different Scottish dances in this club. Boys – no need to wear a Kilt!

Mindfulness colouring: If you enjoy colouring then take a break from your busy school life and come to colouring club. Colour/Relax and chat whilst developing your fine motor skills and   appreciation of colour and patterns. After a busy week come enjoy colouring club on a Friday after school.

Tennis: Various skills are taught to allow the children to practise and consolidate techniques from previous weeks as well as having the opportunity to enhance their understanding of the game. This is all done in a fun and enthusiastic manner. Weekly games, matches and specific coaching take place to allow the children to progress with their game

Judo: Reception to P8 will learn Ukemi, break-falls (how to land safely) which will always be a continuing and vital weekly aspect to their training, basic Dojo etiquette (rules and manners) how to Rei (bow), respect, look after, Kumi-Kata (how to grip or hold) their training partners. As part of the weekly sessions the children play a variety of judo games selected to promote balance, strength, core stability and confidence.

Indoor and outdoor games: This club depends on the weather. If it is nice we will be doing a variety of different games outside but if it decides to rain we will be inside. If you have any games that you really like to play bring them along.

Senior Chapel Choir: So, if you want to be involved in the musical life of HCS and show your future senior school just how committed to school life you are, look out for the next set of auditions

Jazz Choir: The Jazz Choir is for those pupils in Prep 6-8 who enjoy singing. The songs that we learn are jazz and pop songs.

Junior Choir: The Junior Choir is for those pupils in Prep 3-5 who enjoy singing. We learn a mixture of songs and the emphasis is on having fun

Yoga club: Keep fit with yoga. Yoga teaches you good balance, control of your body, Improves breathing, makes you more flexible and gives you energy. Test yourself to see how many positions you can do and how flexible you are. Come and learn the basic positions that can be useful tools for life as you can practise them at home, at uni one day or with your friends.

Fun Art Club: Come to Fun Art Club and be a real artist! Use your imagination and be creative to make real masterpieces. You will learn about famous artists and make art in style of Matisse, Paul Klee or Picasso. Use different techniques to create pictures, portraits and more! Come and join Fun Art Club, you will have fun!!!

Dissection Club: Dissection club is a fantastic opportunity for students to explore the anatomy of living organisms. It allows them to see the inner workings of organs such as the heart and lungs, as well as exploring the organ systems of whole organisms such as rats and fish.

Construction Club: Come and construct anything that you like with a variety of       equipment such as Lego, Mobilo, Marble Runs, Building Bricks and lots more. When you have finished you can demolish them as well. Hard hats do not need to be worn!

Hama Beads: Come along and spend some time creating pictures and patterns using the beads, we will then iron them – why not make something for yourself, or as a gift for friends or family!

Speech and Drama: Speech and Drama evening performances happen in March. Cheltenham Festival competition is in May. There are Drama scholarship classes and all lessons are structured to build confidence, develop performance potential and have fun.