In the teaching of History we help pupils understand how the society in which they live has been shaped by developments, individuals, movements and events in the past.

They learn to study historical evidence and all the evaluation that goes with that and therefore appreciate how and why some aspects of the past are subject to different interpretations. Pupils develop the ability to communicate knowledge and understanding orally, visually and in writing, using appropriate techniques and vocabulary. From the Foundation stage to Prep 4, History is taught in the class, from Prep 5 to Prep 8 it is taught by a specialist or the Head of History.

At the end of Prep 6 and in Prep 7 and Prep 8 the children work towards the Common Entrance and Scholarship exams. We use the Independent Curriculum and the ISEB Common Entrance syllabus as the basis of the scheme of work. The topic of Medieval Britain 1066-1500 is studied in these years.

History is supported by a wide range of visits such as Warwick Castle, The Worcester Commandery, Winchcombe Railway for an Evacuation experience, the Holst Museum Cheltenham, The Museum of Steam, Chedworth and the Corinium Museum and we have visiting groups.