Geography is an increasingly important subject as society becomes more global in nature and issues such as the environment will affect future generations as never before.

Our purpose is to ensure that pupils become fascinated and inquisitive about the world around them. In the Pre-Prep, a full range of local, national and global themes are explored. Key skills in literacy, numeracy, mapping, and ICT are developed with a lively active use of current technologies which encourage wide ranging geographical enquiry.

Fieldwork and Visits

  • Prep 3: local area study of rivers. Use of terminology and collecting data.
  • Prep 4: visit to a local farm. Why choose a pastoral or diary farm in the South West of England?
  • Prep 5: Tourism work around Cirencester. Interpreting O.S map skills in and around the local area.
  • Prep 6: Measuring the Infiltration rates of different surfaces around the school grounds.
  • Prep 7: Record weather data using the automatic weather station linked to a computer at school and study various microclimate data from around the school and also the Common Entrance River Coln Enquiry.
  • Prep 8: Tourism project in Padstow, Cornwall. ‘What are the effects of Tourism?’

Emphasis is on providing an opportunity to appreciate ones own and contrasting localities and cultures, to co-operate with others and reinforce the more theoretical class-based learning.