French Trip

The weather continues to shine at the Notre Dame this afternoon!
Inside the pyramid of the Louvre. What an utterly beautiful day to be in Paris!
What a view from Montparnasse Tower this afternoon!

Fabulous views from the top of Paris’s only skyscraper, the tour Montparnasse
The children are currently enjoying their lunch in the sunshine in Square de la Tour Saint Jacques. They have visited the Scare Coeur and Pompidou Centre this morning. All the children are well and enjoying each other’s company. 
It looks like all the students are ready for a first full day in Paris. Let’s hope the weather is as good as it has been here!

Baguette crisis averted

Relaxing in the Tuileries

Staff threaten action over packed lunches

Fortunately the children were able to persuade their teachers that white bread twice a day is more than enough and that if that didn’t satisfy them ‘qu’ils mangent la brioche’!

However the main headline of the day is that today we are off the Louvre! We are all very excited.

Point to your favourite picture

Saturday 30th March: The children are enjoying the day the Château of Versailles. After this we are heading back to the residence for some outdoor fun. It has been decided not to go into Paris this afternoon/evening and will be spending the evening enjoying activities at their accommodation and visiting a local supermarket.