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I.S.A. South West Trials Entry Form 2017
Depart from HCS 6.30am – Return 5.00 / 5.30pm. All children should have their swimming costumes, hats, goggles, towel and a water bottle. A packed lunch will be provided.
Race No. Age Event Distance Name D.O.B
5. U10 Boys Br 50m
6. U10 Girls Br 50m Erin Evans 15.7.09

7. U11
Boys Br 50m
8. U11 Girls Br 50m Rose Iles 4.12.07
9. U12 Boys Br 50m Archie Robertson 24.9.06
10. U12 Girls Br 50m Freya Hudson 27.7.07
11. U13 Boys Br 50m Alex Cunningham 14.12.05
12. U13 Girls Br 50m Amelia Franks 11.1.06
20. U10 Girls Ba 50m Erin Evans 15.7.09

21. U11 Boys Ba 50m
22. U11 Girls Ba 50m Isla Thomas 30.7.08
23. U12 Boys Ba 50m Ben Yardley 2.11.06
24. U12 girls Ba 50m Imogen Dean-Smith 2.11.06
25. U13 Boys Ba 50m Felix Aspray 20.8.06
26. U13 girls Ba 50m Bethany Leach 24.10.05
34. U10 Girls Fr/Rel Trial 50m 1. Erin Evans
4. 15.7.09
35. U11 Boys Fr/Rel Trial 50m 1. Freddy Meredith
4. 10.2.08
36. U11 Girls Fr/Rel Trial 50m 1. Isla Thomas
2. Rose Iles
4. 30.7.08
37. U12 Boys Fr/Rel Trial 50m 1. Ben Yardley
2. Archie Robertson
3. Kip O Higgins
4. 2.11.06
38. U12 girls Fr/Rel Trial 50m 1.Elodie Thomas
2. Libby Kelly
3. Imogen Dean Smith
4.Ava Morling 5.10.06
39. U13 Boys Fr/Rel Trial 50m 1. Thomas Farr
2. Felix Aspray
3. Alex Cunningham
4. Noah Goryn 15.4.06
40. U13 girls Fr/Rel Trial 50m 1. Amelia Franks
2. Bethany Leach
3.Isobal Thorn
4.VenishaNembang 11.1.06
51. U12 Boys Bu 50m Ben Yardley 2.11.06
52. U12 girls Bu 50m
ISA Age groups: U10 = Yr 4, U11 = Yr 5, U12 = Yr 6, U13 = Yr 7,
• Students can be entered into 2 individual events plus the freestyle relay trial.
• This year we are not counting the freestyle event as an individual event, as the freestyle relay trials and the individual freestyle heats have been combined for all the 50m freestyle races (in order to save time). You may enter up to four swimmers for each of the freestyle relay heats (but please don’t feel you have to – you can enter only one or two if you only have smaller numbers). From each of the age categories there will be one individual winner (who will go through to compete at the nationals for FC individually), plus the next fastest three swimmers who will make up the rest of the freestyle relay team. In the instance that one of your swimmers wins the individual freestyle race and two other individual events – I will look at times and decide which two individual events they will be entered into at the Nationals.
• Only one entry per school for all the other individual events.


All Day (Wednesday)