An action-packed weekend for our boarders

Our boarders enjoyed a varied and fun-packed weekend, with trips to a water park and the Imperial War Museum.

The boarders were very excited about going to Coral Reef last weekend and sang all the way to the park, eager to ride the flumes! Despite the long journey, it was certainly worth the wait, as all the children had a fantastic time. Many of them spent their time riding Cannonball, Maelstrom and Poseidon’s Peril flumes, while laughing extremely hard. A few found they could squeal very loudly! Others enjoyed the lazy river, water jets and splash park. Back at school, a treat awaited the hungry boarders. A family TV supper of pizza was gobbled down as they enjoyed Strictly Come Dancing. We all had our scoring paddles at the ready, and the boarders were very generous with their marks. They especially enjoyed Dr Ranj. Then it was lights out for a good night’s sleep, with dreams of performing the foxtrot in Blackpool Tower filling their minds.


An early start for a Sunday to catch the train to London. Singing and munching on some wonderful teacakes provided by a generous parent, we arrived at Paddington Station, where we took the tube to the magnificent Imperial War Museum (Mr Holmes was in his element). The beautiful poppy waterfall currently on display gave the boarders a sense of what to expect inside. We only had enough time to see the WW1 exhibition, which was fascinating. After a lunch stop in the lovely park outside, we made our way to Regent Street and the world-famous Hamleys toy store. To say some of the children were speechless is an understatement. They stood in the doorway blown away by the enormity of the store and the assault on their senses. A wonderful time was spent exploring the six floors, watching and taking part in demonstrations. With purchases made, we headed back to Paddington to catch the train home, not before performing a group floss in the station. Then it was back to school for a lovely Sunday roast and an early night. What a wonderful weekend. Thank you boarders! It is always a pleasure being with you, but this weekend you all made it very special!

Mr & Mrs Holmes