The School Day In Upper School

8.15am Staff in classrooms. Children may arrive from this time
8.40am Registration
8.45am Monday Chapel
Tuesday Staff led assembly
Wednesday Class Assembly, to which parents are invited
Thursday PSHE / Citizenship
Friday Headmaster’s Assembly
House Assemblies will be timetabled throughout the term
8.55am Period 1
9.30am Period 2
10.05am Period 3
10.40am Break
11.05am Period 4
11.40pm Period 5
12.15pm Period 6
12.50pm Lunch
1.50pm Registration
1.55pm Period 7
2.30pm Period 8
3.05pm Period 9
3.40pm Period 10
4.15pm End of school
Tea for boarders and day children staying for clubs
4.40-5.30pm Clubs
5.30-6.30pm Prep