The School Day In Pre-Prep

8.15am Staff in classrooms. Children may arrive from this time
8.35am Registration
8.45am Monday Chapel
Tuesday Pre-Prep Headmaster’s Assembly
Wednesday Class Assembly to which parents are invited
Thursday PSHE / Citizenship
Friday Headmaster’s Assembly
House Assemblies will be timetabled throughout the term
8.55am Period 1
9.30am Period 2
10.05am Period 3
10.40am Break  In the Stable Yard
11.05am Period 4
11.40am Period 5
12.15pm Lunch  In the Dining Room in Main School
12.45am Period 6
1.20pm Break
1.55pm Period 7
2.30pm Period 8
3.05pm Period 9
3.40pm Home
3.40-4.15pm After-school clubs
Pre-prep children remain in school until 4.15 on a Thursday to allow weekly swimming to take place.