Learning in pre-prep, Hatherop Castle, Gloucestershire
Learning in pre-prep, Hatherop Castle, Gloucestershire

How we learn in Pre-Prep

Learning in Pre-Prep is all about encouraging enthusiasm and curiosity in our children, tapping into their energy, helping them to be self-motivated and whetting their appetite for more. Within our beautiful castle, and extensive grounds, there are endless opportunities for making lessons exciting and dynamic, and here living and learning is an adventure.

A happy child learns faster and more effectively, so it is key to our success that Pre-Prep, housed in the old Castle stable block, is a cheerful and nurturing environment where there is lots of fun to be had. Subjects are shot through with imagination and plenty of practical, hands-on experiences. Without realising it, while they play, explore, discover and learn, our children are building the focus and work ethic that will serve them throughout their education.

Learning in Pre-Prep: Core subjects

English in Pre-Prep

Maths in Pre-Prep

Science in Pre-Prep