Athletics Success

Once again Hatherop Castle proves that you don’t have to be the largest Prep school in the world as long as you have talent and you nurture it. A team of 7 travelled to Exeter arena today for the ISA South West athletics trials. None of our competitors were placed lower than 3rd in their respective disciplines. Hatty Backhouse was 3rd in the U10 600m and the long jump, Archie Slater was 3rd in the U9 600m and the ball throw, Adam Hughes was 3rd in the U9 long jump and he is a year young! Kip O’Higgins was 3rd in the U10 150m and the high jump, Henry Thorn was 2nd in the U9 60m sprint final and should qualify for the National Finals relay team. Well done to all of them.
There is still more to come. Jasmine Stephens came 1st in the U10 75m sprint final and is the new South West champion and qualifies for the National finals and also for the U10 girls relay team.
There is still more – Ben Yardley came 1st in the U10 long jump and is the new South West champion and he went on later in the day to become a double South West champion by winning the U10 150m sprint. He will also qualify for the boys relay team. Brilliant results and I am so proud of all of them and well done to Mr Bailey as well.