Fees per term (effective September 2017)


Reception – before 5th birthday£2,125(plus 15 funded hours – see notes)
Reception – after 5th birthday £2,725
Prep 1 (5 yrs+)£3,075
Prep 2 (6 yrs+)






Prep 3 (7 yrs+)
£3,795 £6,145
Prep 4 (8 yrs+)
£4,275 £6,625
Prep 5 (9 yrs+)
£4,275 £6,625
Prep 6 (10 yrs+)
£4,645 £6,995
Prep 7 (11 yrs+)
£4,645 £6,995
Prep 8 (12 yrs+)
£4,645 £6,995



Overseas students£7,695
Overseas short-stay£745 per week(Includes airport transfer from London Heathrow)
Flexi-boarding £30 per night

Little Owls Nursery

Morning (8.30 – 12.30)£30or 4 funded hours
Afternoon (12.30 – 3.30pm)£22or 3 funded hours
Day (8.30 – 3.30)   £50or 7 funded hours
Nursery Lunch£3



Learning support
(per session)
Zone 1 per term
Morning or afternoon£75
Morning and afternoon£150
Zone 2 per term
Morning or afternoon£90
Morning and afternoon£180
Ad hoc single journey, either Zone£4
Speech and Drama
Individual lesson£199
Shared lesson£120
(Group of 3)
(4 in a group)
Group sessions£85
Music lessons
Individual, 30 minute sessions£210Exam fees, sheet music and books will be charged at cost.
Guitar lessons£170
Additional sport
(Group, 30 minute sessions)
£112Judo suits and belts will be charged at cost.
(Group, 30 minute sessions)
(P2 & P3)
£76Match fees extra
£8 per session


Day and boarding fees include meals, supervision before and after school, books and most after-school activities and clubs.

Payment Terms

Fees are payabale in advance, at the beginning of each term. Interest and charges will be applied to overdue balances. A full term’s notice or payment of a term’s fees in lieu is required before the removal of a child. Extras are invoiced in arrears at the end of each term.

Registration Fee & Deposit

The registration fee is payable on application to regsiter your child and is non-refundable. UK registration fee is £75, overseas £100. The deposit is payable on acceptance of a place and is refunded on completion of your child’s time at the school, subject to all fees and charges having been paid. The deposit is £300 for UK and £500 for overseas.

Nursery sessions

Nursery fees are charged by the session and parents may choose a mixture of full days and half days. Parents are required to commit to a full term of sessions.

Childcare vouchers

Childcare vouchers may be used to pay for nursery fees, school fees prior to a child’s 5th birthday, holiday club and after school activities. We regret that we are not able to accept vouchers in payment for school fees after a child’s fifth birthday, or for trips.

Early Years Funding

Hatherop Castle is registered for Early Years funding from Gloucestershire County Council (GCC), which allows parents of children aged 3-5 to receive the first fifteen hours of childcare free. Please note that the School does not accept children for only part of a session and the full session must be paid for by either GCC or parental funding and not a mix of both. The most effective way to make use of GCC funding, therefore, is one full day and two mornings per week.

We are normally able to claim Early Years Funding for children in Reception for any terms which commence prior to the child’s 5th birthday.

Additional sessions and lunch, which are not covered by GCC funding are invoiced in arrears.

For further information, please contact Debra.Bennett@hatheropcastle.co.uk

Payment details

Our preferred method of payment is via direct bank transfer. The payment details are:

Account name: Hatherop Castle Limited
Account number: 43469268
Sort code: 30-95-89

Please use your Account Number (found on the bottom let corner of your invoice, e.g. ABCD01) as the payment reference.

If paying by cheque, please make the cheque payable to Hatherop Castle Limited, and write your Account Number on the back.

International payments:

IBAN: GB33LOYD30958943469268